Saturday, May 19, 2007

Healing from religious bigotry

I've done a lot of thinking about why it is that people embrace hatred rather than love. Jerry Falwell died this week, and lots of hatred found it's way into the online comments. I didn't agree with his stance on homosexuality, but he has to answer for his attitude. I think what he said was hurtful not only to the GLBT community, but to blacks, women and any one that wasn't of his belief systen. The hatred I see from our community is just as concerning as the hatred and rejection that came from Falwell's pulpit.

Next month is the Beyond ex-gay converence in Irvine. I hope that we can create a place for healing to happen for those people wounded by the religious bigotry that comes from people who say they speak for God. I don't think healing is possible without the grace of God and His love filling our hearts. I pray that I am an adaquate spokesperson and example of that love.

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