Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A family Visit & Disneyland

Today is a good day. My great niece, Cheristy, is coming from Washington on her Spring break. She will turn 12 years old while she is here, and Becky and I will go with her and her mother to Disneyland. Cheristy, for the first time, and we are returning after many previous visits. I am excited and happy to share some happiness with her after so many losses this past year or so. It's funny how Disneyland can be such a catalyst for happy memories. I know Arlene would be happy to know we are making good memories for our family.
I will know a lot more about her after a 7 hour, three day trip to the Southland. I'm excited about that aspect of a family visit. I'm sure I'll have pictures with Mickey Mouse to add to this post upon our return.
Thank you Lord for special times to celebrate!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The loss of my brother

He was born November 20,l942. He was my big brother. We have been estranged for more than six years, due to issues we never reconcilled. In earlier years, we shared a childhood, the same last name, and a history of abuse and neglect from my father. Yet, Jerry was there when Dad died in 74. He called me with the news. He was there in 88 when my mother died. I called him with the news. I performed his 3rd marriage. I kept in touch with all his children, who are now all adults. We had some good memories. Jerry loved Christmas- mostly because we never had happy ones as children. Jerry loved the marine corps and had a tatoo of USMC on his forearm
Jerry loved uniforms and spent time not only in the military, but in the police force.
I feel I lost my brother many years ago due to choices both of us made that drove a wedge into the childhood dedication we had for one another. I just found out today in March, that Jerry died in December. He was 66 years old. My twin died at 63 last June, and the loss of my brother in the same year leaves me with confusing emotions. I will try to let the bad memories slip away and think about some of the good times we had along the way. I didn't agree with his actions, but he was my brother, and I write this this memorial to Jerry Albert Bogle-passed on 12-22-08. I hope he was able to celebrate Christmas early!