Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Wedding

Our wedding is now part of the historic statistics of California Same sex marriages. September 27,2008 at First Congreg. Church in San Jose! We created a cake tier and put lemon scented votive candles with purple ribbons to decorate the layers. On top, was a lemon meringue pie which we shared. Yes, we had more for our guests!
The flowers were sent by our sister, Debbie and her husband Quin from Washington. She couldn't be there, but knew our colors and wanted to help make our day. It did!
The wedding was performed by our pastor, Rev.Dawn Peters of SJ FCC. Music was an Irish whistle played by Shauna McFadden from Long Beach; and Becky's nephew Andy walked us down the aisle! What a joy. Kim Clark, producer of the God and Gays Documentary was there to Vidio our event. We stood on the rainbow quilt that I completed last year, and I spoke about our friends being like the quilt pieces of many colors.
We were blest with friends from near and far (Naomi Harvey attended from Washington State)
She is the woman whose story I wrote earlier this year. Our wedding came together as does our life, shared by those who love us, and some who still do not understand why we wanted to Marry. I am thrilled to say it was the best day of our lives, so far.
Please vote NO on proposition 8-that we and others will not have our happiness taken away.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Life

Becky's nephew and his wife welcomed their first son into the world this week. I had hoped Ben would arrive on my birthday, but God had a better idea. He is perfect, and as his great Aunts, we will spoil him at every opportunity.

Andy and Mary will make wonderful parents, and their love will create a caring home for Ben to thrive.

How do I know? Andy and Mary have been very open and accepting of Becky and me as a lesbian couple. They have shown us love and support in our upcoming wedding, and that is the home into which this new little life has been born!

New life. New beginnings. Change and challenges. That's what we are blessed with each and every day. As we continue to look forward to our legal wedding later this month, I whisper a prayer that new life will be breathed into the faith community, into the gay community and into the lives that make up every family. So many folks have indicated support for us, but said they don't believe in Same Sex Marriage-because of their faith. How can you support us and want to take away equality for all? Ben's arrival is a reminder that there is hope, there is new life to celebrate, in so many ways! Welcome to our world Ben...there's love to go around!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Birthday conspiricy

This is my birthday week. It is the first Birthday without my twin sister, and I am still grieving her untimely death from lung cancer. My partner Becky, ever kind and concerned as she is, conspired with my sister Debbie, who also lives in Washinton. Debbie flew down this past weekend to help me celebrate, and make some sister memories of our own. Becky had her sister, Susan and her husband Ken, drive to the Airport and pick Debbie up, all without my knowing a thing! I was sitting in my recliner Friday night and the front door opened and Debbie walked in!

It's not too often that I am speechless, but my brain couldn't comprehend how she got here, and where her husband was, and how she got here from the airport! Becky just stood there grinning.

We had a wonderful weekend, touring San Francisco and having a wondeful meal at the House of Prime rib. Becky had planned it all without my knowledge! Is it any wonder that I'm getting ready to marry her at the end of the month? She's a keeper.

This is my 64th year. Yep, I still tell my age. I've outlived my father, my mother and my twin...however I carry all those whom I have loved, deep within my heart. My sister Debbie will never know how much it meant to have her walk through that door...Well, perhaps she will if she reads my blog.

This is a conspiricy I can live with!

Peace to all who share my journey.