Monday, September 15, 2008

New Life

Becky's nephew and his wife welcomed their first son into the world this week. I had hoped Ben would arrive on my birthday, but God had a better idea. He is perfect, and as his great Aunts, we will spoil him at every opportunity.

Andy and Mary will make wonderful parents, and their love will create a caring home for Ben to thrive.

How do I know? Andy and Mary have been very open and accepting of Becky and me as a lesbian couple. They have shown us love and support in our upcoming wedding, and that is the home into which this new little life has been born!

New life. New beginnings. Change and challenges. That's what we are blessed with each and every day. As we continue to look forward to our legal wedding later this month, I whisper a prayer that new life will be breathed into the faith community, into the gay community and into the lives that make up every family. So many folks have indicated support for us, but said they don't believe in Same Sex Marriage-because of their faith. How can you support us and want to take away equality for all? Ben's arrival is a reminder that there is hope, there is new life to celebrate, in so many ways! Welcome to our world Ben...there's love to go around!

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EDWIN H. PEART said...

What a wonderful thing to see young parents who are supportive of people who are different from them that are are going to bring up their son to show the same kind of respect. There is certainly hope for the future. Andrew has the same name as my nephew, the one who got married in Jamaica last February and Mary was my late mother-in-law's name.Sometimes it is hard for people to change as they let fear get in the way instead of stepping out in faith. It's just too easy to accept what somebody tells you instead of checking out things for yourself. Also, I was a victim myself of supressed information. It was after the internet came along that I finally got access to a great variety of opinions and realized that in some respects my life was out of balance and I had been misinformed about many things. I'm thankful that I was able to get acquainted with a variety of people and discover new and better ways to see things.Right now the Theme from Chariots of Fire is playing in the background. I didn't know until recently that the actor Ian Charleson who played the part of Eric Liddell who went on to be a Presbyterian Missionary in China was gay. Years ago such a thing would have offended me but today I realize that gay people can do things every bit as good as straight people.