Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Holloween plus other news

Thought I'd share a picture of the cake that Becky made, with candy corn and frosting on a cake base. It was so good. We were going to share it with others, but you know how that goes! It's been awhile since I've popped into my blog and I guess it's about time.

I'm working on my new book, interviewing older lesbians who will share their stories with me. My working title is "Guardians of the Flame, Older Lesbians share their stories" We're going to southern Calif. for a couple of interviews.

I'm also working on new quilting projects.
Becky and I made a quilt ladder to display our quilts.
Now we can show off 5 at a time! I bolted it to the wall so it is a permanent fixture in our home. She is hard at work on two or three at a time.
The other news, is that I'm going to West Palm Beach Fla for an anti- heterosexism conference that will also address the harm done by reparative therapy and ex-gay messages that have done so much harm. I'm happy to join with Soul Force, and Beyondexgay amongst others, as we reach out once again on a national level. I'll be reporting on it the end of November.
Whoever is out there in space and might read my blog, I hope you are all doing well.