Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The book is available

This has been an exciting month. The book is available and is doing well in it's first month. I'm preparing to take a trip to Washington this month and see my family, as well as have opportunities to promote both books.
In July, we will be participating at the Evangelicals Concerned Conference in Tacoma, and then in October will be part of the God and Gays Conference in Nashville. It's a busy year, and it's only April.

I just read an article in my hometown newspaper about churches splitting a vacation Bible school over one church being open to Gay and Lesbian persons! (Good for them.) I can't believe that the issure of inclusiveness and reconcillation has come to my little home town! But it's sure a long time in coming. Fourty Five years ago I thought I was the only gay person on Gray's Harbor. What a delight to be able to support the UMC now there and say, hey, we've been here all along and we are Christians too! I'm excited about the weeks ahead.
Stay tuned!
Yours for action~~~~Darlene

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Roz said...

This is a beautiful love story, and a wonderful tribute to Des.With each stroke of the pen, or should I say each touch of the keyboard, Darlene's words are so simple, yet so profound to the reader. Her heart is laid bare for all the world to see-no matter the lifestyle. Not only is her love for Des so clear, but throughout the book you see her love reaching out to all the struggle with their sexuality. The Christain community has so much to learn from this writer. I look forward to reading more of her books.