Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Time to Mourn

June 3rd, 2008. My twin sister Arlene, passed away last night. We had just spent 2 weeks together when I was up in Washington with the God and Gays screening. She had been sick and in a lot of pain, but the doctor kept telling her take more motrin. It didn't work. In just over two weeks, she was in the hospital pretty much on life support, and still in pain. They think it was cancer, but it was really fast. I couldn't get up there to spend time with her, although we knew it was really bad. Arlene's friend Teri, who had been her boss for over 10 years, went to see her on Monday night. She sat by her bed talking with her, Arlene unable to really communicate. Teri decided at that moment to call me and ask if I wanted her to put the phone by Arlene's ear so I could say good-bye. What a special gift. My partner Becky and I both talked with her, giving her assurances that she would be out of pain soon and see Mom, Des and her son Star who passed away in September. We prayed that she would allow God's peace and love to fill her heart and carry her across the separation of this earth to that one. Teri got on the phone and said Arlene was nodding and that she seemed to relax and close her eyes. She tried to talk but only moans came out. Our time to mourn...Arlene's time to rejoice. Grieving sucks!

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Kristine said...

Hi Darlene. I first want to say thank you for courage and honesty in your blog. I hear your heart and it is so sweet to hear a genuine heart to boot. I have been a traveling minister the past tweleve years and prior to that I was not brought up in church. My mom loved the Lord and prayed for me until the day Jesus took her home. I have struggled so much with being a gay christian. I have remained celibate for the past tweleve years, burying any desire for a relationship because I was so torn. I met a man from a church I worked with who proposed marriage only to email me two months later saying he believed it was no longer God's will. Since being back from Africa 2 years ago I started seeing a woman and we have been together since. I still struggle and would love to hear anything you might share to encourage me or share any insights biblically that would help me. I ove the Lord and have a close relationship with Him. I fear at times because of the whole I'm going to hell and dragging my partner there as well. Help. i too have been involved with exodus and I am so sorry for the judgment you have heard from well meaning brothers and sisters. Love covers though, eh? I am just so very torn. I love this woman and want to maybe pursue a commitment ceremony but am hesitant. Thank you for anything you could share with me. With love in Jesus, your sister Kristine (jasperstone@mail.com)