Saturday, November 15, 2008

San Jose Rally for Equality

Saturday 11-15-2008, Becky and I stood with several thousand Gay,LesbianTransgendered,heteorsexual families, people of Faith, and some with no faith at all, holding signs and cheering, (2-4-6-8, we will not give in to hate!) I stood with many interfaith clergy, wearing my rainbow stoll to declare that I will not let my faith be hijacked by the religious right and those who declare they speak for God. We speak for God too, and declare that God loves everyone, and excludes no one! This photo says a lot! It shows our back side. I am the one wearing the American Flag behind the poster, next to me is Rev.Nate Miller, then Rev.Dawn Peters all from SJFCC/a UCC congregration. Rev. Margo is on the right side. This was in the San Jose Mercury news!

In the days since Proposition 8 passed by 3% of the vote, We have attended meetings, and spoken out about the unconstitutional process where a majority took away civil rights of a minority without a 2/3 vote; where our constitution was voted on to deny a segment of society their rights by changing a few words; where heterosexism was declared valid and where our marriage is now in jeopardy! Of course, they say because we married prior to the vote, we are still legal, but there are those who want to remove that right also!

My anger is tempered by the knowledge that a vote cannot change who I am, A Christian and a Lesbian and fully accepted by our Creator God! While I am still legal, many same sex partners cannot marry, and if one person is denied Civil rights then no one is free! Domestic Partnerships are not "same but equal" as opponents have said. I will not be refused a place at the counter or move to the back of the bus and keep silent. This change to our constitution is wrong and mean spirited, and must be opposed.Those who claim to follow a God of love need to consider if they are loving like their Father in Heaven! The last words have not been spoken, the last vote has not been taken, and my prayer is that my heart will not give in to the anger against my Christian community . I am encouraged by those heterosexuals who have stood up to say, You are not alone. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you

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EDWIN H. PEART said...

It is June 14th 2009 and today, Winnipeg held its Annual Gay Pride Day. I was out for a Sunday drive this afternoon with the wife and passed our Provincial Capital Building here in Winnipeg where I saw a huge crowd out in support of gay pride on the grounds. While the City Police were around, everything seemed to be going smoothly and as far as I know, there were no incidents. There were probably lots of straights in the crowd as well which goes to show that Winnipeg is a very tolerant city. Were you aware that Winnipeg was the first major North American City to elect a Gay Mayor when Glen Murray was elected in 1998. He served in this office until 2004 when he stepped down to run for an unsuccessful bid for a Federal Member of Parliament Seat. He now resides in Toronto Ontario. We also had two firsts in the Mayor's Office before and after Glen. Before him, Susan Ann Thompson was elected our first Female Mayor and after him our first Jewish Mayor when Sam Katz who is our mayor at present was elected. It was a beautiful day outside today with temperatures in the mid 70's and low humidity. Everywhere you went there were crowds of people walking around. Our winters here certainly make you appreciate summer when it finally does arrive.