Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Year~New Beginnings

I am quilting again.
Completed the Purple one last week, Just started the Antique one this week. 2009 was going to be a year of creatitivity for me, and it clears my brain to work on a new project. So many emotional things happened last year and I'm still dealing with it all.
So, This year is well under way. We have a new President; new economic stresses; new opportunities to be who we are and stand up and speak out!
We have friends who just received a new baby to care for, and hopefully adopt! Their life is filled with new Beginnings.
I have started writing a new book, which will be a coupld of years in the making. I will have new opportunities to Listen to the stories of others. I think that is my lesson this year, to listen more.
I received a phone call this morning and an Aunt passed away. My aunt Grace was my mom's last living siser. That era is passing away and new beginnings are happening for my cousins. So, it has occured to me, that every day is a new beginning and while my nature is one that likes to know what is happening before it happens...this year is a book of blank pages, to be filled in by the living.
I pray that your days are filled with Peace, Happiness, and Expectations of greater things. I will try to be more faithful on adding my thoughts this year. Peace

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EDWIN H. PEART said...

It looks like we have more things in common. Both of my parents were the last to pass on in their families outliving all their siblings and their spouses. Dad passed away in 1971 outliving two brothers. Mom passed away in 1998 outliving a brother and two sisters. My mother crocheted a tablecloth and loved to knit afghans. We have several in our house draped over the chairs and chesterfields. Both of my sisters love to make clothes from patterns. My sister Marjorie is the artist in the family. She painted several oil paintings. She is also an avid knitter and once knitted a sweater with a perfect picture of Mickey Mouse on the front. It's so great to be able to share these wonderful things with you.