Thursday, April 7, 2011

What would you do? Just wondering

Well, I've started spending Thursday afternoons at my church to volunteer in the office. You never know who will come in, or what call will be next. Last week, just before quitting time, a woman came into the office asking to talk with a pastor. I'm the only one here, so I tell her while I'm not THE pastor, I am a minister, and how can I help? She tells me she and her husband are in town because her sister just passed away from Breast Cancer. She left a 9 year old son. They have been helping get the home ready to sell. Her husband has been doing the heavy work. He has developed blisters on his hands. He has type 2 diabetes and now has a blood poisoning and is too sick to drive to their home in the centeral valley. They filled their gas tank, but he can't drive and she is unable to drive because of an accident that left her injured. WoW. I said, "I'm happy to pray with you, but our church doesn't have any provision to assist in any monitary way. She said they needed to get a motel and her husband needed to get some medicine on his hands. I offered $20.00 of my own money, but that won't get them a room I listened to her story. I went on the internet to check local motels...nothing there that could help her. What could I do? Her husband came into the office and I could see he was in a bad way, and that his hands were indeed blistered. So, if you were in my place, what would you do? The need is genuine...and urgent. Dinner is waiting for me at home...No time to ask what would Jesus do. I'm here listening on His behalf. So...what would you do??? I decided to have them follow me to the nearest Motel 6 and went in and paid for 1 nights lodging for them. I told them it was in Jesus Name I was ministering to their need and when they got back home, they could send me a check when they got the money. I gave them my card. I drove home feeling pretty good that I had rescued someone...and wondered what Becky would say to my generosity. She supported my decision and I have decided that even if I never get a check from them, I still did what I needed to do. What would you do?



It's great to be back talking to you again Darlene. I would have done the same thing that you did. I have been blessed richly over the years and as a result I believe in giving back. Back in November of 2011, I met someone on Facebook whose name is also Darlene. I have many Facebook friends but this one has been special right from day one.She now lives in Canada and is a Canadian but spent 10 years in the USA. She is divorced and lives with her mother and teenage daughter. It was when she sent me her Biography that I really started to take an interest in her and her family. You see, her father was a very abusive person even though he called himself a Christian and his wife and children (Darlene has an older brother) were the victims. Her mother divorced and remarried and the second husband was not abusive physically but was a drunk and that marriage also ended in divorce. The first time Darlene married, it lasted only a short time as the person she married was chasing other women. The second husband was the father of her daughter but he was also one who chased women and was abusive toward the daughter though not necessarily physical.They divorced and Darlene, her mother and her daughter fled to the USA in order to get away from him. Darlene remarried the third time to a musician while in the USA. But he was always sick and eventually they decided to part company. After spending time in the USA, she eventually came back to Canada as she hurt her back and has been unable to work since. She is now on Social Assistance and her mother gets a Canadian Government Pension. After reading the Biography, it just broke my heart and since late 2011 I have been sending her small monetary gifts from time to time. Of course, they are not tax deductible but to receive wonderful blessings from her and her family is the greatest reward that they could ever give me. I talk to her just about every day on Facebook and we share blessings back and forth.


May I make a slight correction. I put November 2011 in the article when I should have put November 2010. Everything else is the same.