Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edward Kennedy Passing

I can't believe it's been two months since I wrote on my blog! Today's announcment of Ted Kennedy's death inspired me. I met him in 2003.
Des and I had gone to Cape Cod on one of our trips. We visited several places from one end of the road to another. I wanted to stop and see the JFK Musuem. We arrived early afternoon and the woman who greeted us said, "You're in luck. The Senator is here today." I thought she was kidding at first, but we entered a room where Ted was talking to some young scholars. The clerk said he only came there a couple times a year.
I looked at Des, and said, "I'm going to introduce myself and see if he will take a picture with us. He had a couple of body guards with him.
I waited for an opportunity then said, "Hello Senator. I'm not from Massachusetts, but I did work with Bobby's campaign back in the 60's. I wonder if you would take a picture with us."
He was very cordial and said yes! I was surprised that he even had one of his attendants take the photo.
We chatted for a few minutes and Des told him she had Breast Cancer. He told us a close family member was dealing with cancer also. Then the said, "When you get that developed, send me a copy at the Senate and I'll sign it for you!"
A few days later, I did that and received a nice note back from him. He wrote, "If you ever get back to the Cape, let me know and I'll take you sailing. "
I framed the photo and it has been a prized possession for several years. I took delight in showing my Republican friends that I had met a Kennedy...and took pride in being a Democrat!
I was surprised at how friendly he was, and approachable. I'm not famous, or a politian, but I am honored to have that snapshot

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What a great opportunity it must have been to just happen to be in the right place at the right time and be able to meet a famous person like Senator Edward Kennedy. The papers up here in Canada have devoted a lot of space paying tribute to him as he was well liked here as well. It's ironic that something that was very dear to his heart, Universal Health Care, is being debated in Washington at this time. Out of tribute to him, it would be a wonderful thing if debate on the subject became civil and a Universal Health Care System named after him became a reality. Even though he came from a well to do family, he was always speaking up for those who were less fortunate than him and he never let fortune go to his head.
A great time in my life was when I discovered another Darlene on the internet in 2007, Darlene Evans who is the midday mom on WKIS-FM, the Country Station in Miami Florida. She had a phone-in request show and I got to talk to her long distance from Winnipeg. I never thought it possible but in February 2008 my wife and I got to meet her in person when we visited the Radio Station while on vacation in Miami. She had a big hug for both of us and it was a pleasure to meet someone so friendly for the first time. The internet has certainly made the world a lot smaller in many ways. Because of the internet, I got to know you and Becky and have enjoyed being able to share my many thoughts and words of wisdom with you and encourage both of you in many ways. Thanks for setting up your blog where I am able to do this.