Sunday, August 30, 2009

More quilts

So, I got to thinking that I should make a quilt for my "adopted sister" Teri. She is the woman who was Arlene's boss for 10 years, and Becky and I have officially adopted her. So, this is the quilt I made her last week. I really love this pattern and it goes together quickly.

I had scraps from the flannel back, so I made me a rag-time lap quilt.It is really soft, and my dog, littlebit loves it as much as I do. I never thought of myself enjoying quilting,, but I've discovered a creative side to me besides writing.If you've never made a rag time quilt, you sew the squares together, then clip all the little seams at quarter inch spaces to make it look puffy.
When I make a quilt for someone else, I pray for them as I sew, and I know it's not literal, but I piece together thoughts of comfort, peace, Joy, memories etc. I pray that when they are covered by the quilt, they will be covered by God's love and caring. I think that's why I love these little diversions from writing.
Becky has been making some beautiful memories with material we purchased back east on our month long vacation. She made me one of colorful falling leaves. I am blessed by her creativeness. We have found a cruise that will happen next August to Alaska, that is a quilting cruise. What do you think?
May you have peace, as you piece.

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EDWIN H. PEART said...

What a wonderful hobby you have taken up. And thinking good thoughts about people and praying for them while doing it is a wonderful thing that you are doing.I'm happy to hear that your dog likes what you are doing too. My wife and I have now been back in Winnipeg for one week after visiting my sister and brother-in-law and their son and daughter-in-law in Montreal. My sister has one of the cutest little black cocker spaniel dogs you would ever want to meet. His name is Rocky and he is nine years old. He enjoyed having my wife and I around as my sister was able to leave him out of his kennel when she went to work and he could go and find his favorite corner and go to sleep.So you are thinking of going on a quilting cruise to Alaska next August. What a wonderful thing to do. Alaska is the only American State that I haven't been to. The wife and I have been on several cruises over the years but always to southern locations. God bless you Darlene for all the wonderful things that you do and for the wonderful inspiration you have been to me.