Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Labryrinth awaits

On the 4th Saturday of each month, at 4 pm, we schedule a walk.
Given my problems with balance and walking, I was uncertain if I could navigate the path to do the full walk.
      My "intention" as it has been for several walks was to find healing around the loss of my sister.
       Slowly, step by step,  I began the walk. I watched the path, and the edge of it, determined to navagate the pathway.
    Lord, I can't make it all the way to the center.
     Is that your goal?
    No, just one step at a time
     Many paths are cut short before they finish. Does that make them less significant?
     I guess you mean just because Deb was so young, doesn't mean she didn't live to completion.
      Ok, and just because I have balance and walking issues doesn't mean I've failed because I didn't make the goal.
     More silence.
    I stepped to the center, feeling I had cheated because I didn't walk the whole thing.
    Look up, Darlene. See those whispy clouds against the blue sky?
What do they tell you?
       They are beautiful..not like the large fluffy ones.
       So it is with Debbie...and so it is with you, my daughter.
It's not in walking each step, it's the intention of your heart that matters to me. 
       The Labrynith awaits your intention. Draw strength from those who have walked before, and those who share the path with you this day...Some may walk with strength of purpose, and yet,
fail to see the beauty, the wind against your face; the smell of the trees...
     I raised my arms to the heavens.  This, I can do. Thank You Lord.

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