Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prop 8 ruling today.

Well, in less than an hour, the courts will decide whether our marriage is still legal, and whether other same sex couples will be able to have equal rights! It's a bit scary. It is a human right decision and there are so many lives that will be changed.
Becky and I are just one of 18,000 couples who were legally married, and it is a bit insane that we could be declared divorced by the court. I know if we lose, it will go back to the ballot, but there is so much at stake here. One thing I know, no matter what is decided, our love is sactioned by God and we are married in His sight.


EDWIN H. PEART said...

It's too bad that the courts did not restore gay marriage but at least they considered all marriages made while the law was in effect valid. The next big step is to get a new vote on the ballot in 2010. I just found out that you people have a new friend who suports gay rights and marriage in the person of Miley Cyrus AKA Hannah Montana. For a 17 year old Christian girl, she has things better figured out than some adults who call themselves Christians. As many young people look up to her as a role model, there is certainly hope for the future. There are some right wing groups who are trying to discredit her, but I support her all they way and she does not seem to be discouraged by what is taking place. Something that I learned in History Class in High School many years ago was the fact that THE WHEELS OF TIME TURN SLOW BUT GRIND EXCEEDING SMALL.It may take time to overthrow the opposition to gay rights and gay marriage, but in the end, the opposition will be reduced to a minority and justice will prevail. I saw this happen in my own lifetime with regards to racial segregation and interracial marriage and eventually it will happen with regards to gay rights and gay marriage. Gay rights and gay marriage is already a reality in Canada and eventually the USA will catch up. This I know.

Shannon said...

was living quite a crazy life as a drug addict and alcoholic before I came to Christ. I got sober through a non-denominational church called Victory Outreach when I first Got saved. I came to salvation and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior at 19. As I entered into the church it was then that it was revealed to me that I was a lesbian, but at the time that I realized I was a lesbian, the church was getting the message across that I must not act upon that, so I didnt' until 2 years later, then I left the church and God all together because i had prayed and fasted and i was still a lesbian with the same desires and the same attractions I had always had since all my life. Then I missed God so much that I rededicated my life to Christ and decided to leave being a lesbian aside once again. That time I entered into Desert Streams and Exodus conferences and support groups and even led a group at my church for such individuals. Then 7 years later I slipped into a relationship which was soon confessed and became church drama. I then went to bible school and got my bachelor's degree and tried to stop being gay still...then i realized one day that Jesus himself never said a word about homosexuality, but had said several things against those who were judging me and rejecting me because of my sexual orientation. Then I went to PRIDE in Long Beach very specifically to FIND a GAY AND LESBIAN church and find out just exactly what it was that they believed and why and how they could be gay and be Christian. I found a church and started to feel like there was a possibility. I planted myself there and also at another gltb church and began to make some friends. I met my wife at the Gay and lesbian center coming out group and she had invited me to go with her to the Gay and lesbian church she went to...we started dating and a year later when California passed the marriage law before prop 8 overthrew it we got legally married and our marriage is still legal. Unfortunately, my wife relapsed on drugs and moved out of the house into a dope pad and ended up getting arrested and went to prison. I had been praying for her every day to go to God and to do the 12 step AA NA programs and was very happy when she began to write about going to chapel and getting a bible and a bible correspondance course, but unfortunately in prison there is only ONE church available to protestants / Christians and one Catholic and both within the prison have negative views on homosexuality and she has somehow been convinced that she must change and is now working toward becoming an EX gay...she has people in there that have encouraged her to end our marriage and she sent me a letter that stated that she had been praying alot and that she believes that God has shown her that she can not be a Christian lesbian and that she doesnt' believe that it's right for us to be together anymore. I am soooo devestated and I am just beside myself with this situation. She started pointing out to me that if the bible say it's wrong that's it and that's all and that she cannot live out her homosexuality anymore. wow...please pray for our marriage.

Darlene said...

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