Saturday, May 2, 2009

April showers just bring more rain!

Cheristy and Goofy are on the left! Becky is on the far left, and Cheristy and I are in the middle of the Birthday photo!
Well, I don't know where the last month went. My neice Cheristy arrived and we celebrated her 12th Birthday! Becky baked her a special cake, and several friends came to help her celebrate! I wanted this to be special, since she has so recently lost her dad, her grandpa, and her grandma(my twin sister) I think it's my nature to try and make the world a better place and create new memories.Now, on to comments about Disneyland!
I have decided that the idea of going to Disneyland is more entertaining than the reality, when you are my age! It was fun, however those rides, and my body were at odds with one another for two days! Cheristy and her mom loved them. I think choosing spring break to go was a bit much.
So, what else am I up to these days? I'm trying to sort out everything I need to do for soon being eligible for medicare! Who would have believed I would still be alive this long? I got new glasses so I can pass my eye test; had my hearing checked and I'm good there. Found out I have Arthritis in my back, as well as my knees and shoulders, and for all my complaining, I really do have a fracture in my tailbone! (I've fallen several times in the past two years) But the good news is that I'm in great shape for the shape I'm in! God has really blessed us with good friends, and a pretty healthy attitude about life. I'm working on a new quilt for my neice Deanna, and the next post will show the results. Hope everyone is looking forward to those May flowers!

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EDWIN H. PEART said...

What a wonderful niece you have.She is growing up to be a pretty young woman.It's so wonderful that she has a mother who is teaching her respect for all people regardless of their orientation. It reminds me of the time I was waiting for my wife in a shopping centre when I heard a mother telling her daughter whose name was Susie that just because some people look down on people who are different that she should not do it because it wasn't right. And Susie thanked her mother for telling her this. The world needs lots of people like Susie's mother and in seeing the happy faces in the birthday picture, it looks like I have found one.It would have been nice if Mickey or Minnie had been around for the picture but I have always been a fan of Goofy so he was a good one for the picture. I had my picture taken with Pluto the Dog in Orlando back in 1984.Since you are going on Medicare you must be turning 65 soon.Next year it will be Social Security. The wife and I have been on Company Pensions since 55, Canada Pension since 60 and Old Age Security since 65. We have earlier starting ages here in Canada. Canada has had National Medicare for everyone for 40 years and in our Province of Manitoba we don't even have to pay a premium as it is financed entirely out of general tax revenues.Now you know why we stay here and put up with the cold weather in the winter.