Monday, May 25, 2009

Thoughts on Memorial Day

I was overwhelmed with "memorial"day thoughts. Not of just the military lives that have been lost over the years defending our freedoms, but of those in my blood line who have passed from this life to the next. I didn't travel to grave sites around the country, I just looked at pictures on my walls, and items acquired from loved ones upon their passing. Everything in my home has a story and a history. I have a Last supper painting from my Aunt Max; a childhood picture from my Aunt Grace, an antique bottle and photo plate from Arlene, A family picture from Star with all his children, a bottle from my mother, a vase from my father that he gave to my mother, a letter from my brother, a stuffed animal from Des, and the list goes on.
I was reminded this morning as I looked around the house that all these memories are crammed into one small brain...because for the most part, no one knows their importance or history besides me! And, it's so true of everyone who reads this blog. There are memories, trinkets and items of great emotional investments known only to you...and to our Creator. I was sitting in my chair with a hot cup of coffee Talking to Jesus about people I miss, and people who are still in my life and I realized He is the one person who knows all the stories and even all the things I've forgotten. I treasure the home where Becky and I share our love, and God's presence, and even tho she thinks I have too many collections, She is so much a part of my walk down memory lane this memorial Day. Some of my most special Turtles are gifts from Becky and I'm blessed that she is a part of my life and can share the memories.
That's all for now.

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EDWIN H. PEART said...

Canada's May long weekend is celebrated one week earlier. It is called Victoria Day after Queen Victoria of England who is our present Queen Elizabeth's great great grandmother. Queen Victoria's actual Birthday is May 24th and the rule is it is celebrated on the Monday on or before the 24th. We celebrate our present Queen's Birthday on this day even though the real day is April 21st. My sister Marjorie's daughter was born on April 21st and as a result was named Nicole Elizabeth. My father John Davidson Peart was a First Lieutenant in the Canadian Army during World War I and served in the Railway Troops mainly in France and Belgium. I had two first cousins who served in World War II, Harvey Vickers Peart who served in the Royal Canadian Navy in Londonderry Ireland and Davidson Robert Peart who served in the Canadian Army and gave his life for his country in Italy in 1944.
I have many memories of my own that I wish to share. I have a brass bison (buffalo) mounted on a marble base that was given to my father upon his retirement from Northern Electric (now Nortel Networks) on August 31st 1960 from his friends at the Manitoba Telephone System. The bison is the Provincial Animal and Emblem of the Province of Manitoba. Behind my computer desk is a framed plaque with a notice of my retirement along with a ticket to the event mounted to it and it is signed by all my coworkers at the Manitoba Telephone System where I retired from on August 31st 1995, exactly 35 years after my father's retirement.I also have a Garfield the Cat Telephone mounted on a wooden base and made into a lamp with a plaque showing my service time June 5th 1961 to August 31st 1995 which was also presented to me on my retirement. It proudly sits on a stand in the guest bedroom. In the master bedroom is a Snoopy and Woodstock Phone which I won as a door prize at a Department Reunion where I worked in 1985.I have a pair of hurricane lamps made of silver plate which I got as a 25th Service Anniversary gift in 1986 and an eskimo art walrus mounted on a wooden base which I got as a 30th Service Anniversary gift in 1991. As I received a good offer to retire, I left the Manitoba Telephone System after 34 years so was not around to receive something for 35 years. There are pictures on the wall of the basement room where I have my computer of Jesus in the Garden and The Last Supper which belonged to Janet my wife when I met her and which I inherited through getting married to her.